About Ibrahim

My mission is to help people overcome injuries and pain , become stronger and get in the best shape at any age so that they do the things they love .

Movement has been an integral part of my life . I grew up playing soccer as kid in Senegal and still continue to play. I joined my first gym at age 15 , and learned how physical training contributes to mental and emotional strength and confidence.

I moved to New york city in 1999 and joined Dolphins gym and fell love with fitness .

In 2012 I decided get certified  and leave my  corporate job to follow my passion and dedicate myself fully to practicing sport medicine and  help people  . I made the jump because I felt  unfulfilled sitting at a desk when I realized that my true calling was to help people:

  • Achieve their fitness goals without injury
  • Overcome back pain , knee pain and shoulder pain
  • Properly rehab and recover post surgery
  • Overcome  injuries
  • Learn proper lifting techniques and form
  • Build muscle and become stronger
  • Lose weight

How is training with me different?

What makes me different is that I love what I do . I have more than 12 years experience practicing sports medicine and helping  people overcome various injuries and get in  shape . I prioritize good mechanics and posture while working with clients  . This helps them reach their fitness goals faster while preventing injuries. I’m a patient and  hands-on trainer: I take time to educate, support and motivate when needed  . I treat every client as unique and do what’s necessary to ensure they reach  their fitness goals. I teach my clients important life skills including  Fall prevention exercises ,  Correct movement  pattern while standing , walking or seated ,  also the Best exercise to do to overcome ongoing  back pain  prevent future back pain .


I specialize in:

  • Corrective exercise for back pain ,  knee pain or shoulder pain
  • Strength training
  • Mobility training
  • Sports massage
  • Post-surgery or injury rehab and strengthening
  • Fall prevention exercises