Strength, Mobility, and Performance Training with Ibrahim

I’m Ibrahim,

Sport Medicine
Personal Trainer, Mobility Expert, Massage Therapist, and Sports Performance specialist.

My approach is simple: I listen to what your goals are, and we create a plan specifically around those goals, your body type, your lifestyle, and your budget. Not a single person’s body is the same as another’s – so I create bespoke workout plans and help you through the journey as your partner.

Strength Training & Programming

Build strength and muscle through your entire range of motion, with proper technique, phased overloading, and mobility.

Virtual Training Sessions

I specialize in virtual 1 on 1 workouts over Facetime, Zoom, and Google Hangouts to ensure your comfort and safety.

Massage Therapy and PNF

Increase your range of motion, correct imbalances, and relieve chronic stress with mobility focused massage work.

Corrective & Posture Training

Develop strength throughout your posterior chain, and work on correcting posture through mobility, weight training, and stretching.

About Ibrahim Gueye

My mission is to help people reach their full physical potential at any age. I believe in the power of fitness to help people become stronger both physically and mentally, to improve health as well as quality of life, and to increase energy and confidence.

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My clients love working together because of the quality interaction, honesty, and passion I bring to their fitness journey. I invite you to learn more with a free 20 minute consultation, no strings attached.

My clients success is everything to me.

Ibrahim was able to identify exactly what I needed to do to improve my workouts and begin achieving fitness gains again. As I begin to see results I gained more confidence not only in myself but also in his abilities as a fitness trainer. I decided to take on another challenge and work with him to train for a half marathon. I had Injuries to overcome, and Ibrahim assured me that he knew how to correct them and get me race ready.

I increased my sessions to two per week and have since lost 20 pounds, gained lean muscle mass overcome many injuries and I am actually in the best physical  shape of my adult life .

Ibrahim’s passion for his job Is obvious and is displayed in the work he does with all of his clients. Even on my most difficult days, he inspires me to push myself and work towards my goals. Ibrahim is always positive, always supportive, and always smiling. It is obvious when I am working out with him how much the gym community and his colleagues respect and appreciate his work. I am proud to acknowledge him as my personal trainer and every time I do the reply is always “He is a good one” I couldn’t agree more!

I strongly recommend ibrahim if you are looking for a personal trainer to help you and challenge you to get in the best shape of your life.

Karla Branch

It is highly unusual to find someone with the level of skill that Ibrahim has, and I believe he deserves for others to know about his talent. He has also helped my husband with pain he was experiencing in one of his ankles that has a required cartilage surgery, in addition to helping my husband gently recover his flexibility and ability to exercise vigorously without injuring himself. Ibrahim is undoubtedly a valuable asset  to thosewho have had the opportunity to utilize his talents. He has changed my life and the life of my husband in a very positive manner.

Joyce Coleman

I can’t praise and recommend Ibrahim enough.  When I decided to start working with a personal trainer 2 years ago I started by explaining to the manager at this 24 Hour Fitness location that I broke my shoulder a few years ago, and he immediately said “Ibrahim.”

A workout with Ibrahim is better than any Physical Therapy session I’ve ever had.  He is extremely knowledgeable of kinesiology and works with me on my specific needs, at my pace (although he does push me harder than I push myself).  Each workout is different and challenging, always focused on core, with my shoulder issue in mind, and ends a good, effective shoulder stretch.

Ibrahim is extremely personable, positive, and upbeat, and has absolutely none of the meat head trainer characteristics that you can sometimes see in gyms.  You can tell how well liked he is by the number of members that pass by during a workout to shout a hello to him.  I look forward to every session with him, and I feel extremely lucky that he was the Master Trainer that I was connected with.

Ron J